"Vaccination? Count me in!"

For this star of the German national football team, being vaccinated against the coronavirus is simply a no-brainer. He wants to be a role model and emphasises in our interview that the COVID-19 vaccines are making a huge difference, especially for those who were hit hardest by the pandemic – from health workers to families.

Why did you decide to get vaccinated?

In my opinion, it’s the fastest and most effective way to defeat this pandemic. And we all want to get back to normality.

For whom or what reason are you getting vaccinated?

I want to play a part in making normal life possible again. I want to protect my family, my friends and my colleagues and, after so long, play football in front of our wonderful fans again. And, for me, it’s especially important because there are so many people doing extraordinary things in the context of this pandemic, from all the medical staff who devote themselves to saving lives every single day, to the parents working from home while also looking after and home-schooling their kids. Everyone who gets vaccinated is helping to make their lives easier.

What convinced you to get vaccinated?

Honestly, I didn’t need convincing – for me, there’s nothing to think about, I just accepted the offer without hesitation. This way I can do my part to help end the pandemic and be a role model.

What difference can we make together if we all get vaccinated?

We will get our old lives back. We’ll be able to go out to eat, travel and hug family and friends without fear. And I really want to play in full stadiums again. If we get vaccinated, then hopefully these things will be possible again very soon.

What will you be doing a year from now?

Hopefully enjoying life with my family and friends! Everything we used to enjoy and want to experience again.